The RT's

They say it takes nearly a decade for a wine to mature. The same could be said for The RT’s. If you caught their brand of raucous, beer-soaked trad jazz and blues in the early days, you‘ll see the same ingredients (boisterous horns, impassioned vocals, and a driving groove) but a new flavor, and the kind of maturity and subtlety that only comes with time.

Their forthcoming self-titled album – out Oct 22 – celebrates these changes. While the world was going through difficult times in 2020, the band – Sargent, Michael Harlen (bass, vocals); Alden Harris-McCoy (guitar, vocals); Michael Fatum (trumpet, vocals) and Jamie Eblen (drums) – took the opportunity of downtime to produce new material. They were able to find solace in a greater collaborative energy and discovered a new creative process.

Still, the album’s first single “Need You Right Now,” a punky staple of their pre- pandemic touring repertoire given the same genre-bending, post-modern update is a reminder that The RT’s remain the band that many audiences have danced to all over the globe with its rubbery bass line, seductive groove, and infectious energy.

Charged with a new enthusiasm, the members of The RT’s are ecstatic to be back in front of crowds, playing all new music from their 2020 record See You Again and the upcoming release, The RT’s.

Doc Robinson

Tight arrangements and an impeccable aptitude for simple, punchy pop hooks defined Doc Robinson’s immediate rise, building a committed fanbase and a robust catalog of “backyard BBQ breakup music” in a short amount of time.

In 2016, Nick D’Andrea and Jon Elliott emptied their backpack full of soulful influences and stitched the band together as a melding of their two favorite artists (Smokey Robinson + Dr. Dog), enlisting a rotation of Columbus Ohio’s finest R&B players as All-Star bedrock.

After four records in two years, a series of tours supporting CAAMP, The Brook & The Bluff, and Neal Francis, and their song “Break My Fall” landing placement and garnering worldwide attention on the Netflix series “Bojack Horseman”, Doc Robinson shifts into a new era for the young, accomplished band after D’Andrea’s amicable exit to pursue his talents off the road...

As Elliott now dons the sole captain’s hat, the loss of D’Andrea is softened by the treasure trove of feel-good hits left in the pair’s wake. With a recent string of sold out hometown shows under their belt, Doc Robinson is hitting the road accompanied by releases of new music and fresh perspectives. In the best of ways, Doc Robinson begins 2022 as if they are just getting started.

The RT's
Doc Robinson